[EU WAREHOUSE – CZ] HANIWINNER HA238 36V 10Ah 360Wh elektrijalgrattaaku Hailong 2 laetav liitiumioonelektroonika aku Bafang mootorrattale

€137 €381
[EU WAREHOUSE – CZ] HANIWINNER HA238 36V 10Ah 360Wh elektrijalgrattaaku Hailong 2 laetav liitiumioonelektroonika aku Bafang mootorrattale
[EU WAREHOUSE – CZ] HANIWINNER HA238 36V 10Ah 360Wh elektrijalgrattaaku Hailong 2 laetav liitiumioonelektroonika aku Bafang mootorrattale
€137 €381

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AINULT €137 [EU Direct] jaoks HANIWINNER HA238 36V 10Ah 360Wh elektrijalgrattaaku Hailong 2 laetav liitiumioonaku e-jalgrattale Bafang mootorrattale


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[EU WAREHOUSE – CZ] HANIWINNER HA238 36V 10Ah 360Wh elektrijalgrattaaku Hailong 2 laetav liitiumioonelektroonika aku Bafang mootorrattale

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Notice:The item is presently repeating on both old as well as brand-new brand names. Only the look distinction, does not impact your real usage, please understand.


1. User-pleasant Design: The light-weight layout makes the battery simple to set up as well as eliminate. Black difficult plastic covering secures the battery properly as well as LED battery degree indication can notify you of butting in time. The USB port can bill your phone as well as various other gadgets in outside. Equipped with battery owner, simply require to make use of the secret to open up the secure lock.

2. Safe to Use: Built to the greatest requirements that has actually been evaluated. When the electric motor is overwhelmed, the system instantly turns off to secure the technological elements versus damages. The battery is totally secured as well as made to be making use of long, also on sloppy roadways.

3. BMS Protection Board: The top quality battery is geared up with a 30A BMS safety plate, which avoid over cost, over discharge, over existing as well as brief circuit as well as guarantee the lengthy life span.

4. Stable as well as Durable: The input as well as result are a lot more steady as well as its huge capability makes the life span of battery much longer.

5. Ergonomic Design as well as Widely Applicable: The electrical bike battery pack has an installing brace that will certainly install to a lot of canteen screw openings in the framework. Compatible with 36V/48V electrical bikes, bikes, mtb as well as even more. 

Pakett koosnes:

1 x Battery with secrets

1 x Battery set up plate as well as various other components

1 x laadija (EU pistik)

1 x kasutusjuhend

Warnings as well as Cautions in Using the Battery:

To avoid an opportunity of the battery from dripping, home heating or surge please observe the adhering to preventative measures:

Do not submerse the battery in water, as well as maintain the battery in a great completely dry bordering if it waits.

Not usage or leave the battery near a warm resource as fire or heating system.

Use the battery charger especially for that objective when reenergizing.

Do not turn around the placement as well as unfavorable terminals.

Do not link the battery to an electric outlet.

Do not throw out the battery in fire or a heating unit.

Do not short-circuit the battery by straight linking the favorable as well as unfavorable terminals with steel items.

Do not transportation or shop the battery along with steel items such as barrettes, lockets, and so on

Do not function, stomp or toss the battery..

Do not straight solder the battery as well as pierce the battery with a nail or various other sharp items.

Do not make use of or leave the battery at heat (for instance, at solid straight sunshine or in an automobile in exceptionally heat). Otherwise, it can get too hot or fire or its efficiency will certainly be degenerate as well as its life span will certainly be reduced.

Do not make use of the battery in an area where fixed electrical power as well as electromagnetic field is excellent, or else, the safety and security gadgets might be harmed, creating concealed difficulty of safety and security.

If the battery has actually dripped, as well as the electrolyte get involved in the eyes, do not scrub the eyes, rather, wash the eyes with tidy water, as well as promptly seek clinical focus. Otherwise, it might wound eyes.

If the battery produces a smell, creates warmth, ends up being tarnished or warped, or at all show up irregular throughout usage, reenergizing or storage space, promptly eliminate it from the gadget or battery charger as well as quit utilizing it

In situation the battery terminals are filthy, tidy the terminals with a completely dry fabric prior to usage. Otherwise efficiency might take place as a result of the bad link with the tool.

Be mindful disposed of batteries might create fire or take off, tape the battery terminals    to shield them..

Battery cost asap after the battery is worn down. Battery is not made use of for a very long time, cost when every 3 months.


1. When billing the battery, please make use of the normal brand name battery charger. The billing time needs to not go beyond 6 hrs.

2. It is purely restricted to position batteries in water as well as in fire, so regarding stay clear of obtaining near the warmth resource. It is restricted to make use of steel as well as conductive products to connect in the billing as well as releasing user interfaces.

3. If you do not make use of the battery for a very long time, please maintain the battery power in between 40% as well as 70%, it is suggested that the battery be billed every 2 months; or else, the battery might be harmed, as well as this irreparable damages is not within the guarantee.

4. Please maintain these items as well as devices correctly as well as maintain them far from kids.

5. Unauthorized self-repair as well as alteration of components might create damages to the item as well as such synthetic damages is not covered by the guarantee.

6. Please utilize this item according to your neighborhood legislations, guidelines as well as constraints.

PLEASE TAKE CARE PRIOR TO PURCHASING: Our battery suits a lot of electric motor set, however omit these 4: Bosch. If you can not verify your engine, please call us.



Suitable Bike Brand(Including however not minimal)







Hinnatud võimsus


Aku toide


Aku võimsus


Patareide arv


Max laadimispinge




Maks. Laadimisvool


Standardne tühjendusvool


Max Tühjendusvool (BMS)


Over existing defense


Rakenda elektrimootori võimsusele



42V 3A

Laadija tehnilised andmed


Võimsusastme kuvamine


Võimsusastme ekraaninupp


Toide nupp


USB laadimisport telefoni jaoks




Neto kaal




Aku mõõde

360 * 100 * 100mm

Charger dimension







0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃


-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃





Kuu jooksul

0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

Kuu kuni 3 kuu jooksul

5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

3 kuu kuni ühe aasta jooksul

10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃


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